Robert Lewis Collection

What a collection.

In this industry we’re surrounded by stunning examples showing us how art and engineering can together, trigger our feelings of excitement. The process that’s taken us through many stages of development and ever-growing automotive categories.

From the moment I stepped inside this collection, that overwhelming excitement kicked in and I was instantly reminded of the various elements that’s contributed to the motoring trade since it all started. There’s signs, gas pumps, memorabilia, models, design diagrams, books, photographs, ‘original paper satnavs’, car parts, engines… and the occasional metal alien or predator lurking in the corner!

What follows this excitement is passion.

Robert walked me through the collection and pointed out some fantastic items that may have been overlooked. I admit, I hardly spoke. If the cars weren’t enough, the look in his eyes whilst reeling off fact after fact was undeniably genuine – and it flows in the family.

Thank you, Robert, Tanya and Zac, for a fantastic afternoon letting me view your private collection, I could have been there for days!
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