Recent assisting work

I recently assisted on a photoshoot with James Mann, a fantastic car photographer who’s been working in the industry for roughly 30 years. The shoot took place at Junction Eleven, a location where James and I had worked together before.

The first car we shot was a Ferrari 250 California Spyder 1958 v12 worth around £5 million. This was the first time I’d seen the car in person and it made for some great images!

The second car was a Ferrari 246 Dino. Unlike the Spyder, I’d assisted and photographed two red Dinos in the past, and am due to photograph a black one at the end of summer, but I’d never seen a blue one! I’m not normally a fan of baby blue, however it really stood out and worked well as a colour for this style of car!

Last but not least, I shot the beautiful Toyota 2000gt 1967. There are no more than around one hundred of them left in the world and only a small handful in the UK, as you can imagine. This car was brilliant to shoot as it had quite a few original and quirky details such as the groove in its roof. The profile shot was one of my favourite ones due to the way the contours and bodylines complimented the shape of the car. It was extremely striking.

James Mann was great to work with and it’s always nice to have to chance to establish working relationships with likeminded photographers who are so gifted in their field!
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