Composite Photography

Composite photography; The process that goes further than re-touching.
With composite photography I combine the mechanical elements of an image with imagination to create a single image from multiple – this process enables me to show my clients and their audience what they could not normally see.

My work has always included an aspect of post-production, usually focused on removing imperfections (such as dirt and clutter), however recently in automotive photography we’ve seen an increase with composite builds… and I would highly recommend giving it a go!
It comes with benefits to both the creator and potential consumer, as listed below.

Gives a different perspective on both existing and future work
Builds composition awareness
Focuses your eye to changes in light and colour
Boosts technical skills
Provides new platform to showcase your creativity

Potential Consumer:
Flexibility if you’re unable to change locations
Unlimited potential as a creative advertising tool
Offers a unique and personal editable touch
Creates a dynamic ‘wow’ response
Adjustable to different audiences

The examples below are comparatively different and are my first composite builds. One displays a location change which is clear to see. The other combines a number of images, each image lighting the subject from different positions, I removed the unwanted sections of each and merged them together to create the final result. I found the process technically challenging but rewarding, and I hope to re-visit this method in the coming weeks.
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