Rachel Persaud Automotive Photography

La Carrera Panamericana 2022

La Carrera PanamericanaKnown by many as the most dangerous road race of all time.Originally held between 1950 - 1954, the road race took place across the new stretch of Panamerican [...]
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Lightweight E-type 4 WPD

Jaguar Lightweight E-type 4 WPDRaced by many great drivers including Graham Hill, Roy Salvadori, Dan Gurney & Jackie StewartShot for SM Trimming
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Robert Lewis Collection

What a collection.In this industry we’re surrounded by stunning examples showing us how art and engineering can together, trigger our feelings of excitement. The process that’s taken us through many [...]
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Composite Photography

Composite photography; The process that goes further than re-touching.With composite photography I combine the mechanical elements of an image with imagination to create a single image from multiple – this [...]
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Recent assisting work

I recently assisted on a photoshoot with James Mann, a fantastic car photographer who’s been working in the industry for roughly 30 years. The shoot took place at Junction Eleven, [...]
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Photographing at a showroom

This was my first shoot at a showroom, and it quickly dawned on me that I’d be spending quite some time editing the images after. There were two reasons why…Unlike [...]
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